Metro Vancouver Regional Industrial Lands Strategy and Industrial & Employment Policy Review Reports



Regional Planning Committee, March 6 2020 

5.3 Regional Industrial Lands Strategy - Draft and Status Update

5.4 Metro 2040 Industrial and Mixed Employment Policy Review Scope of Work

Metro Vancouver Draft Regional Industrial Lands Strategy, to Metro Vancouver Board - Nov 29 2019


The relevant cover report starts on PDF page 214 - Section E 5.1

(As update, the Metro Vancouver Board accepted this recommendation at its meeting on Nov 29 2019)

At its November 21, 2019 meeting, the Industrial Lands Strategy Task Force considered the attached report titled “Regional Industrial Land Strategy – Draft”, dated November 15, 2019. 

Task Force members provided feedback to staff for consideration in the development of a finalized Strategy and subsequently passed the recommendation as presented in the report, with the addition of part c) as presented above in underline style

5.1 Regional Industrial Lands Strategy – Draft 

That the MVRD Board: 

a) receive for information the report dated November 15, 2019, titled “Regional Industrial Lands Strategy – Draft”, 

b) direct staff to conduct a final round of consultation and report back with a finalized Regional Industrial Lands Strategy for endorsement; and 

c) direct staff to include in the finalized Regional Industrial Lands Strategy a statement to the effect that solutions to the shortage of industrial lands in the region do not include the possibility of encroachment onto agricultural lands.

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